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Hills Family Therapy, founded by Sarah Wood, has come about due to a recognition that investing in strong early relationships between young children and their caregivers, can lay a solid foundation for future mental health, self esteem and social and relational development. The first 1000 days of a child's life is a period of rapid development and neuroplasticity, and a valuable opportunity for laying solid foundations*.  


The early years of parenting is a time of rapid change.


The ground shifts for couples who often find their lifestyle completely re-defined by the daily rhythm of routines, endless housework, temper tantrums and sleep deprivation.


Becoming a parent is also very loaded with hopes and expectations. We bring our entire history to the table, and often we have very strong convictions about how our child will be, how we/our partner will be as parents, about the mistakes we don't want to make, and the life that we want our children to have. Reality often collides with our hopes, creating a sense of confusion. 

Emerging into the world as a tiny human is a time of huge sensory, developmental, social and emotional adjustment. The world is simultaneously breathtaking and overwhelming. In the developing brain, emotions are intense and all consuming.


Yet babies and young children are primed for connection and relationships. 


Healthy early relationships are strengthened when parents feel good about themselves, safe and secure in their relationships with significant others, and connected in supportive communities with others who believe in them.

At Hills Family Therapy, we have hand selected a range of internationally recognised, evidence informed programs. 

We exist to champion:

  • The parent-infant relationship

  • The couple relationship

  • Mindful, intentional, confident (and lets be honest, realistic) parenting

  • Emotional and psychological well being for parents

  • A sense of community for young families 

*See Moore, T; Arefadib, N; Deery, A, West, S "The First 1000 days: an evidence paper, Centre for Community Child Health,

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