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Transitioning from 'Couple' to 'Parents' is one of the biggest changes a relationship can face!!

Often couples attend childbirth education classes about the labour and delivery, but very little time is spent focussing on how to keep your relationship healthy and how to become 'parents'.

Research shows that within three years after the birth of a baby, approximately 2/3 of couples will experience a significant drop in relationship quality and have a dramatic increase in conflict and hostility.

Bringing Baby Home is aimed to keep couples strong as they transition from 'Couple' to 'Parents'. This internationally acclaimed, evidence based program is based on years of research, and teaches couples how to:

  • Increase couple friendship/strengthen relationship

  • Effectively deal with conflict

  • Keep dads involved in infant care and parenting

  • Prepare for the common challenges that couples face as new parents

  • Improve the quality of parent-infant relationship

  • Recognise the psychological and emotional needs of their child

  • Keep intimacy alive

  • Co-parent effectively

  • Recognise early warning signs of perinatal depression/anxiety.


This course is engaging, and interactive.

Research has shown that couples who participate have:

• A significantly lower rate of postpartum mood disorders and depression

• A decrease in relationship hostility

• A higher level of relationship satisfaction

• A decreased likelihood of relationship breakdown.

By teaching couples to build strong emotional foundations in their family, children are raised in healthier environments. Once these foundations are established in families, research shows that children do better in school, adapt better socially, and are physically and emotionally healthier.

The optimal time to complete this course is the second trimester of pregnancy.

This course is currently offered to couples individually, and individually tailored to each couple. 

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